Artist Recommendation – Burch Boy

On the Hip-Hop end is Burch Boy, who is an up-and-coming artist from North Carolina. I was impressed with his music because with each new song I heard, his sound improved. If the pattern continues, I think Burch Boy will be an artist to keep an eye on.

Obviously, because his music is getting better with each song, my favorite would be his most recent work, Ima Regular. Burch Boy only currently has 5 songs released dating from over a year ago to last month. Each one show off his boast-worthy rap lines and consistent flow.

His sound is unique, and is hard to compare to any rapper. His accents keep the music interesting and I cannot think of any mainstream artist he truly resembles or models himself off of, except perhaps Drake for his healthy combination of rapping/singing.

Also, when I said his sound has improved, I really mean it. Comparing Ima Regular to I Had A Dream makes it appear to be a discussion about two different artists. Each song from the beginning has its appeal, especially Simple Things, but I can hear massive change and improvement from Burch Boy.

Overall, if I had to rate his sound, I would give it a 9/10. Lyricism and sound are still developing, but he has set a solid start in place and made me look forward to more of his music. Burch Boy looks very ambitious and I will be staying tuned, especially when his Ima Regular music video drops soon. Meanwhile, you can check out his songs below, I especially recommend Ima Regular and Lock Down:

-Austin Heath

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