Recap Of Some Heavy Changes On AMP

I hate change, believe me. I am only making the interface easier for usage, but just to make sure I don’t ruin the fun and simplicity for anyone I’ll break down what I have done the last couple of days:

1. Added a banner photo I got from Snapchat. Am I a professional photographer yet?

2. Added some more menu bars up top so readers can better navigate the site and its content.

3. Turned the “Random article” into “Surprise Me!” but I am only mentioning this because it is a nifty little button.

4. Changed the site’s colors, which means I will have to make some serious revisions to the Twitter and Facebook pages this week. No matter, I think the Grey and Black looks sleeker.

5. Added contact page, follow button, and Twitter/Facebook feed (which feature some extra sarcastic wit for kicks and giggles).

6. Written less articles this week, but that is only because of my long-term planning that I have been focusing on. Starting tomorrow things will go back to normal and music picks will be rampant again.

So what do we think of these changes? Any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments if there is anything not fit to your liking or any questions with the new changes.


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