Music Recommendation – Single – The Night Runners, Single

Well this is the only Night Runners song I could find, so obviously this is not long enough to be an Artist Recommendation. However, if it was, I would give let you guys in on all of their music. The only song by the duo, Single, is a fun mix of Pop and EDM.

Right away, the song hints at the excited beat and emphasis on Electronic sound. The vocals are well-tuned and both singers have a superb range of notes. Their voices compliment each others’ like bread and butter, and the EDM is just garlic salt. Basically, the song is delicious, if that makes sense.

The message is a little abrasive, but otherwise the song is interesting. I cannot tell for sure if the emphasis is meant on the vocals or electronic beat, as it seems to vary. Plenty of popular hits have pulled that off, but it perplexes me in a debut single where the goal would be to emphasize vocal range and talent.

Overall, I would rate Single at a cool 8.75/10. I like the song a lot and find it rather catchy, but the song’s focus can feel misplaced. I would love to hear more from this duo, but now you can be restricted like myself and hear their first song below:

-Austin Heath

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