Music Recommendation – Single – Rymez and James Arthur, Kryponite

Believe it or not, I had never listened to or heard of James Arthur before Kryponite, save for a friend of mine with the same name. I was definitely impressed by his sound, particularly in this song. The Rock/Alternative sound of the song is emphasized by the percussion and guitar instrumental that compliment the vocals perfectly.

I have heard the guy is very down-to-earth, which is always refreshing to hear. As for Rymez, I know little other than that he is a UK producer. Often times I have read that Rymez has been a huge part in the production of many songs (notably Heatwave by Wiley). Both of these artists definitely deserve some extra recognition, especially after this song.

Arthur’s voice cracks a little here and there, but that is often the charm. The rise from the stanzas into the hook are a bit strong, but nothing that a good Alternative fan cannot handle. The bridge is practically non-existent, leading to a bit of repetition. There are some really great parts to this song though, and I do enjoy it quite a lot.

Overall I would rate the song at 9/10. You can give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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