Music Recommendation – Single – Olly Murs, Never Been Better

I was going to actually post a whole Olly Murs “Artist Recommendation” but his music is pretty well-known by now, especially after his hit on Troublemaker. There are three recent songs however that have been slept on like the comfiest bed in a mattress store. The first sleeper is Never Been Better.

The simple track features heavy Jazz influence and almost reminds me of a modern version of a good Chicago song. His voice gets a bit rough at the end of the hook when he says “Not today” and it feels a bit un-practiced. Despite that limit on his singing skills, I have heard Murs hit some high notes and he makes up for him almost immediately after every time.

The throwback style of the song and the emphasis on the background instrumental makes this song appealing to a range of listeners. I would give the song a 9.25/10 and recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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