Music Recommendation – Single – Ludacris ft. Miguel, Good Lovin’

If you don’t normally like Miguel’s music, this is definitely not the song for you. I can like his hooks depending on who he sings for/with, and Ludacris sounds solid. I like this song a lot, and since it was just released last night, I figured I would share it.

Luda has been leading up to Good Lovin’ with some real freestyles, and previews the sound of his new EP Burning Bridges which is due for release in December. This song is Ludacris’ attempt to become part of the new elite group of rappers, so does it do the trick?

Well, the song is absolutely a start. Obviously one song will not make us call Ludacris better than Eminem or Kendrick Lamar, but if he continues his pace and shows that he can rap hard on a fast track (which I know he can), then I could see him having a serious comeback.

I have hardly talked about the song, namely because it is everything you would expect of a song with Miguel on the hook. Similar to Lotus Flower Bomb, or even Power Trip, and more of the same. Ludacris changes it up, which is good. The song just induces yawning after a while though, but I am more lukewarm towards Miguel’s voice than most.

So overall I would rate the song at 8.75/10. You can give the song a listen over at


-Austin Heath

P.S. Special little celebration as this is post #200 to start November. I’ve got a couple of big albums I’m writing about this month lined up, so I think November will be pretty exciting.


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