Music Recommendation – Single – Tory Lanez, I-95

Tory Lanez had recently sited I-95 as one of his most influential songs on his life. While others were ranked higher, I-95 is one of my favorite Lanez tracks and it really hits deep.

While my focus towards the track would be more on the lyricism, I have to admit that production is excellent, containing such an original beat. The track is mostly reflective, but the transition from RnB to Hip-Hop feels a little forced. Luckily the hook keeps to the RnB feel that I love. But then again I cling to RnB like an infant on their mother’s bosom.

Now that we’ve gotten that awkward simile out of the way, it’s time to rate the song. Overall, I would give the track a 8.75/10. Even though I was a bit disappointed by the rough transition, I plan on going deep into the Tory Lanez archives and pulling out some goodies for anyone who enjoys the RnB/Hip-Hop sound of the 22-year-old Toronto native.

While I’m searching you can go ahead and listen to I-95 below:

-Austin Heath


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