Hear It First – Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown, Only

HotNewHipHop.com has been the first site to inform me of the much-anticipated sequel to Anaconda. Nicki Minaj brings on Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown to make this song a hit. Everyone sounds decent (though Lil Wayne makes me feel like I need to cough something out of my throat), but it has more of the YMCMB sound that I tend to not enjoy anymore. I still felt like this should be posted though, especially for a rather unique beat. Production was the first star in this game.

“I like my girls BBW.” Drake, your raps make all people in the room uncomfortable. I am still surprised that Chris Brown and Drake could be on an official song together, especially with their constant girl-fights. Drake’s entire verse just made me uncomfortable in a weird way, hard to explain it unless I quote lines from it, which no part of me wants to do.

Minaj’s new album, The Pink Print, is due for pink release on pinktember pink two thousand and pink. But in seriousness her album will drop December 14. Anyways, go ahead and click the link to hear it first:


-Austin Heath

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