Music Recommendation – Single – R. Kelly, Feelin’ Single

R. Kelly is considered the King of RnB, and I have yet to disagree with that. The man still continues to put out music I love, which is annoying when I want to find new talent and he’s always poking me like “Hey I can still sing.” I understand R. Kelly, but I need to listen to someone els – oh fine one more replay. Feelin’ Single is actually one of my favorite modern R. Kelly hits.

This song never seemed to catch on like Share My Love did (though it did get its own music video). This song has always been one of the smoothest modern RnB songs I have heard, and I cannot help but love listening to it. The single vibe is upbeat while still being calm until the escalating bridge, which gets a bit too exciting for my taste. The finale hook and voice-overs on it seem a little forced but are passionate, which I enjoy.

Overall, I would rate the song a 9.5/10. I have said my minor complaints, but this song is still satisfying a couple years after its release. Go ahead and hear it below:

-Austin Heath


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