Music Recommendation – Single – Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain, How To Hate

My choice break-up song for anyone who feels wronged and spiteful would be Lil Wayne’s underrated How To Hate. I will admit that the only time I could really enjoy Lil Wayne’s music were when he released Tha Carter IV, which features some of my favorite songs. I actually believe this song was in my Top 50 this year, and has appeared there in past years.

I said recently that I enjoyed most T-Pain songs because for reasons besides him, yet there was something about the autotune that I did not notice when I was hurt and angry and felt every lyric in this song related to my situation. Of course I was 14 years old, and we all know no matter what happened I could have not been owed a wedding ring.

There may be some bias due to the passion I associate with this song, but it provides a calming angry song without going off the wall with loudness. It was a perfect speed to just sit and consider the situation. Lil Wayne’s rapping is truly not all over the place and seems to stay on point. After 5 O’Clock I became more open to T-Pain’s sound, and this was the first song I went to after hearing it but not really liking T-Pain’s singing. It has always consistently been an enjoyable listen that I finish everytime.

So overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. Obviously Lil Wayne’s rapping can take away from the song, but it achieves what it was looking to: An opposite of How To Love and an angry love song. I really enjoy this song and seriously recommend a listen, regardless of your opinion on either artists, below:

-Austin Heath

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