Music Recommendation – Single – Bastille, The Driver

In case you could not have guessed, The Driver is a song for the soundtrack of, you guessed it, Drive. I promised myself I would not write about anymore music today, but when I saw that Bastille unveiled a brand new song today, what choice did I have? Why do you do this to me, Bastille, I need to sleep sometime!

So I will keep this brief and with as little sarcasm as possible. The Driver is a synth-pop influenced song that is shows effort from every band member (especially Will on guitar, who provides some serious excitement to this track). You will probably remember that Drive features another song of interest, the CHVRCHES Get AwayThis soundtrack looks impressive, but let us focus on Bastille’s contribution to this movie’s score (a group who many said did not belong on this soundtrack, at whom I laughed and shunned miserably for being arrogant fools).

Dan sounds like the usual Dan Smith, if you did not like his voice before then not much has changed. It is his signature voice, featuring the beloved high snyth-influenced hook. However I have little complaints with the song other than how chaotic it gets by the end of the hook.

So I promised myself two things, both of which I broke: First, I would not write anymore tonight. Caffeine will be my friend tomorrow though. Second, I would try and stick to writing about lesser-known artists for the next few days. I know of late I have been informing listeners of people they already know of in a time when I am trying to find new artists all over the place. However, I know that Bastille is one of those groups that even the most pretentious hipster can enjoy.

So overall, I would rate The Driver a solid 9.5/10. The song gets a bit crazy but every contribution defines this song and shuts up the naysayers against the band being present on the Drive soundtrack. So go ahead and give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Oh yeah, I said I would keep it short. That did not happen, sorry. Also, this could be considered a “Hear It First” for being released within the last several hours. It just so happens that I really like it and cannot stop listening to it so I consider this 400-word wall of text a recommendation.


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