Throwback Thursday – Chicago, Saturday In The Park

Saturday In The Park is one of those songs that I’ve listened to for about all of my life. I have had these lyrics memorized since I was a toddler, and if anyone mentions the words “Saturday” or “park” you can guarantee this song starts blurting out of me right away. And I don’t even stop, I just carry on for the next four minutes until the song is over. The only thing missing are a bunch of brass instruments playing behind me.

So about the song itself, it is good. Well, that was easy enough. Overall, I would give it a 10/10. Yeah, it’s perfect to me. Then again, that could be my nostalgia talking. It is one of my favorites all-time as it has had a serious influence on my life since I was young, so I am allowed to be a little biased.

So go take a drive back to Nostalgia Avenue and make a right onto Memory Lane by giving this song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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