Music Recommendation – Single – Kiki Rowe, Trust Issues

I guess my artist recommendation for Kiki Rowe a few days ago was untimely, as she has just released a new song, which happens to be produced by DJ Mustard. It seems Kiki is on a roll with new music and videos lately, and adding DJ Mustard to her connections is a huge boost for her career.

Before you ask, this song has nothing to do with Drake’s song. Also, if you assume this song has the typical DJ Mustard sound, then – well, you would not be completely wrong. It almost seems as if someone told him that he could not use his “snap, boom boom (aye aye)” pattern from many popular songs, so he tried to refrain from it. Then, when they left him unsupervised with the production system, he sneakily added a few in there. It does have a unique piano instrumental and beat behind it but it almost seems that DJ Mustard started tweaking and just kept saying “Just one more time, only on the hook.” It just feels indecisive whether it should be a slow RnB song or a more upbeat Hip-Hop work.

So how about the vocals? I cannot really say anything bad about Kiki Rowe’s part in this song, her voice sounds lovely and if you’ve liked her earlier tracks then this will also likely appeal to listeners. I would seriously recommend sticking both earphones in your noggin if you plan on listening to this song right away though, some songs are just like that; You know, where you cannot get the full effect until hearing it bounce off the walls within skull.

I found this song hard to rate, as there are a lot of things I like about it but I feel like the beat weighs it down a bit. I like several DJ Mustard beats (but then again who doesn’t?) but this one just did not stand out for being too chaotic and unprofessional. I was thoroughly impressed by Rowe’s voice, and regardless like the song for that aspect of it. I would never consider the opportunity of working with DJ Mustard a waste, but his end felt a bit bland. I feel like the beat is seriously trying to dominate the vocals, and that seems to be aimed at the wrong singing voice.

So let me try it. Overall I would rate the song at 9/10. I do still like the beat and love the sound of Kiki Rowe, especially because the track compares to her other works (especially Be Alright). I do feel like this song has a serious chance of getting some big attention. So for now, you’ll have to go over to to hear it:

-Austin Heath


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