Music Recommendation – Single – Ben Stevenson, Summer Dealer

This song took a couple of listens to get my attention, but Summer Dealer is a slow love ballad about Ben Stevenson’s ex. It was produced by the team Happy Perez, featuring Miguel and Frank Ocean.

The song hints at the EP dropping on November 4th, Dirty Laundry. The song has a serious RnB feel to it, though it hardly picks up pace. I feel as though the track is a bit too slow and by the time it picks up the pace it just kind of feels misplaced, as if it is too late. When the bridge comes and the emotion tends to get less transparent, it just feels forced to keep the listeners attention.

If you like slow love ballads, this will be a great find. If you are looking for an upbeat track, go ahead and keep scrolling. Overall, for what the song is aiming at, I would rate it at 8.75/10. I really do enjoy the song but the management of pace feels so dirty it’s almost like riding a bike down a small hill, then all of the sudden hitting a steep spot before riding a straight line to the end simply on the momentum. Take that analogy as you will, I couldn’t think of anything better as I am extremely tired and just want to go to sleep. Oh, listening to this song helps with that. This smooth piece will knock you right out, so good night-time listening below:

-Austin Heath

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