Music Recommendation – Single – Trae Tha Truth ft. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale and Wiz Khalifa , I’m On

Oh boy, I’ve been saving this one for a rainy day. And by rainy day, I mean any day where I would rather huddle up under a blanket and use my computer as my only access to the outside world than step outside the boundaries of my home.

“But Austin, why put off writing about music that you enjoy?” Well, Mr. Imaginary Reader Who I Know I Don’t Have, that is an excellent question. You see, if I write about the kind-of okay I’m On rapfest, then I have to write about the I’m On 2.0 remix. And to put this project into perspective, the first I’m On is a rapfest, but the remix is like a 3-day weekend rap collaboration concert. And naturally, the urges in me will make me rank the rappers’ verses from best to worst.

For starters, there is no chorus. There’s a beat that goes “I’m On” if that counts though here and there. It is hard for me to enjoy a song with no chorus to look forward to, but this song stuck out. Keep in mind this is back when Wiz Khalifa, Wale and Lupe Fiasco were going to be the next Biggie, Jay-Z and some other top-ranked rapper (Boy were they wrong). All of the verses are consistent, but I do want to rank them quickly because there are some that are much better than others (and there seems to be confusion as to who is actually the best on this track according to the humanity-glorifying YouTube comment section):

1. Big Boi

2. Wiz Khalifa

3. Wale

4. Lupe Fiasco

5. Trae Tha Truth

I guess MDMA is on the beat, so he doesn’t count. But without a doubt, Big Boi dominates the competition in this one. Call it bias but it is pretty difficult to compare to Big Boi, so kudos to Wiz Khalifa and Wale for coming close.

So overall, I would rate the song at 8.75/10. This one never stood out (unlike I’m On 2.0, which I am writing about next) and it always just felt like there was nothing to look forward to through the song. Also, what really is the point of the song? Just seems redundant, like what is it exactly you are on? Maybe drugs, but I cannot quite tell.

You can listen to the song below, while I have my criticisms it is still a decent Hip-Hop track:

-Austin Heath

P.S. I’ll get to 2.0 in a little bit, as it will take a while to write, so don’t go out of your way to look it up or you are no reader of mine. Okay just kidding please just read my stuff I promise it’s somewhat decent.

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