Music Recommendation – Single – Che-Val, My Beat

Che-Val are a husband/wife music duo who I found through my Twitter. Both are from Connecticut and specialize in alternative-pop. I always appreciate being sent new music in my DMs, but this was definitely a pleasant surprise and I really did enjoy the track.

My Beat is a cross between modern pop and 80’s/early 90’s pop-rock. The Guitarist/Singer duo is a similar set-up to popular pop couple Karmin, though I can hear a unique difference in her voice from Amy’s. My Beat is the group’s first official song and is leaves an excellent first impression.

The song is a bit more Pop-y than I usually post, but the throwback style (especially in the much-talked about Saxophone solo) almost sounds like an 80’s Madonna song taken out of time. I love that this song could literally be loved by anyone, young or old.

Overall, I would have to rate the song 9.5/10. Something about the silence after “This is my beat” feels a bit empty, but that is literally my only complaint. I personally can not wait to hear more! Especially when this is the only song, I think these two are seriously going places. You, meanwhile, can watch the video and subscribe to their YouTube channel here:

-Austin Heath


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