Artist Recommendation – Kiki Rowe

In my next Artist picks we have Kiki Rowe. Kiki is an up-and-coming Canadian RnB/Alternative singer. Sound familiar? Yes, Kiki bears serious resemblance to The Weeknd, and that is definitely not a bad thing. If you enjoy listening to Abel, you should seriously listen to this girl’s stuff.

Be Alright and All We Got are excellent, but my number one pick of the Mississauga native’s songs is Come Through. All of her songs have a gorgeous sound though, and her diverse music ranges from low-key RnB to Alternative-pop. The beautiful artist keeps her work original and interesting throughout every track.

I’m leaving her 10 SoundCloud tracks below, but if you do not have enough time to listen to them all then I recommend at least giving my three favorites above a listen. Overall, I would rate her sound at 9.5/10. While her sound is similar to The Weeknd’s, it is distinct and quite majestic. I would love to hear a little less editing in some of her tracks (something I’ve noticed changing anyways though). Now check out her music below:

-Austin Heath

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