Music Recommendation – Single – Ashanti ft. French Montana, Early In The Morning

Normally I would never come close to mentioning a song with French Montana, as I cannot stand him. Yet I was intrigued by this song. I like the idea of autotuning the rapper’s voice and putting him on the hook, making him sound almost identical to Future (and not a bad Future song either).

While this is a typical RnB love song, it is rather catchy until about 2:45. Then rapping ensues. While it is definitely not Montana’s worst verse, and it’s rather short, I would’ve preferred if he stayed on the hook. Sadly Ashanti disappointed me a little, which is rare.

This is, in my opinion, one of the better songs on the singer’s most recent album, Braveheart. The music video for it just released today, so clearly I’m not alone on that one. I will most likely review a couple of songs from the album over time, but not the whole LP.

As for the song, I would rate it at around 8.5/10. Good listen, I was impressed by the hook and hope French Montana does that more instead of rapping. You can listen below:

-Austin Heath

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