Music Recommendation – Single – Boyz II Men, Underwater

The legendary RnB trio released their next single for Collide, releasing on October 21, 2014. While there have been quite a few of previews for this LP, my favorites are definitely Losing Sleep and this one, Underwater. The songs sound great, but this one has such a smooth sound it is absolutely worth sharing.

The vocals are a bit over-edited, but the harmonizing in the hook, “Talking…underwater” sounds excellent. There is a slight break from the song where one of the members talks (not raps, though) for a couple of lines, then enter back into melody. Throws off the track a little, but still enjoyable.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.5/10. I am a bit disappointed with how repetitive the song is, but it is easy to get over it when the hook is so catchy. See if you like it below:

-Austin Heath


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