Favorites Friday – Trey Songz, I Need a Girl

I Need a Girl is one of my favorite all-time songs on probably my favorite all-time album, Ready. The song is smooth but upbeat and features awesome, though a bit over-edited, vocals and an original beat. To sum it up, the track is an invitation to date Trey Songz and be with him forever. Of course, 5 years later and it proves to have been false but still noble.

I really enjoy listening to this song, especially the voice-overs on the chorus at the end. The hook was always catchy and the lyrics have stuck to my brain since I first heard it. Several people have already heard it, but if you haven’t I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. As per my complaints and praising above, awesome song that I still enjoy, putting it on my all-timers list. Enjoy for the first time or if you’ve already heard it, give it an extra listen for old times sake:

-Austin Heath


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