AMP Long-Term Plans

While I’m working at this project, I like to keep readers updated on what’s going on. Over the course of the last week or so I have been putting together the idea of making my own website. While originally I was going to move everything off of, I have decided to keep this blog here but still have my own music website. However, under the site will be subsites featuring blogs from other listeners writing everyday with different music tastes (including this very blog).

I’m not sure how to advance at this point, so I’m taking it slow and project that everything will be in order by around February 2015. While there will be some big moves, this site will be staying here and the goal is only to give listeners more options to enjoy new music. I can’t force myself to write about music I don’t like but may appeal to others, so I will be adding more people to my crew.

Again, this blog won’t be going anywhere, and I am only adding to the network. My goal is to appeal to more listeners with different tastes than my own and to cover every genre on one site. Thanks for reading here, every view is appreciated! PSA over.

-Austin Heath


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