Music Recommendation – Single – Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar, Autumn Leaves

People who don’t like Chris Brown’s music even agree this is the best song on X, and of course Kendrick Lamar has a huge part in it. Surprisingly, it seems to have been skipped a few times. This, along with Songs On 12 Play is one of the best tracks on Chris Brown’s new album.

I had planned on doing a review on Chris Brown’s X, but I felt like highlighting the best songs on here would be smarter. I will probably do the same thing for other popular artists’ albums.

Now back to the song. Both artists do their part and it doesn’t seem to be carried by one of them. It’s a typical love song, but lyrically it doesn’t really stay with the message. Kendrick’s verse starts out a little odd but it all adds up in the end and becomes a very passionate part of the track, lasting longer than you’d originally think.

Overall, the song is pretty good for both RnB fans and those leaning more towards Hip-Hop/Rap. I would rate it at around 9.5/10. Really deserves a listen, lyrics are a bit hard to keep up with but still a solid song from a relatively great album:

-Austin Heath


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