Music Recommendation – Single – Ashanti ft. R. Kelly, That’s What We Do

On the list of my all-time favorites, we have Ashanti’s That’s What We Do with RnB King R. Kelly. Despite being in my favorites, I am not using this song up for my Favorites Friday as it is relatively unknown. I wrote earlier about a song with Ashanti, and this also came out during the same time when Ashanti was attempting to lift her career back up. I really love this piece, but unfortunately it did not receive much appreciation from the public.

Although you can expect the words “That’s what we do, that’s what we do” a lot, the song still has an awesome hook and is an incredible duet. The bridge is way too auto-tuned at first, but improves until the finale chorus. If you are fond of RnB like myself then chances are you might enjoy this. Ashanti sounds great, and R. Kelly even better. I really just like this song overall and find it extremely catchy.

I would rate the song at about 9.25/10. I think it is worth a listen, so give it a chance below:

-Austin Heath

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