Artist Recommendation – Minor Soul

It’s time for another artist recommendation! Here we have Minor Soul, a duo of British brothers who make acoustic-pop Indie-type music. Jake and Max have a soothing sound working together, especially in their upcoming album, Tiger. This year they are even going on tour with I’m Ready creators AJR.

The music features plenty of slow acoustic melodies, several of which are love songs. The tracks are very calm and pleasant to listen to. If you like Indie music this group will definitely be in your favorites soon.

I really like their songs overall, but my favorites are definitely That’s Just Love and Ocean Eyes from their Home Is Where You Are album, along with Nothing At All (my favorite of the three). Their music reminds me an Indie Red Hot Chili Peppers in their prime. I’m not good at comparisons but you can make out of that what you want.

Overall, if I had to give any feedback on their music or give you something to look out for, the albums have a similar sound in each song. If you like one of the songs, you will like them all, and vice-versa. With all of that said, my rating for the group is 9.5/10. They provide a great acoustic-pop/Indie sound that they seem to be going for, and the vocals are only improving through each album.

I recommend at the very least a listen to my favorites, and if you like these you can find most of their music for cheap on iTunes, or on their official YouTube channel. And if you really like them you can see them in concert opening for AJR at a steal of a price (if you ask me, Silver Springs near me is only $16 per person!). I’m personally considering it for myself.

So try out their music below and see what you think, this is only a sample of what they have to offer:

-Austin Heath


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