Music Recommendation – Single – Owl City ft. Sekai No Owari, Tokyo

So I like Owl City, and have since Fireflies. That was one of my first favorite modern pop songs, so Adam Young has a special place in music for me. This one just released today but I figured since I already did a “Hear It First” today, I would also write about and recommend this one, as I actually really like it. So this is kind of both.

Tokyo explains Adam Young’s content for the Japanese city and the emotions that it inspires, mainly love. The beginning is basically the same as his Good Time verse with different lyrics, but at least he chose that song to recycle. The rest is very original and is very catchy.

Overall, I would rate the song at about 9.5/10. Beat and its drop are great, Adam Young is vocally sound and the track is solid but may not appeal to everyone. I could see it being a big song though, so I guess technically this is like a “Hear It First” if you want to consider it that.

Give it a listen and see if you think it’ll be big soon:

-Austin Heath


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