Music Recommendation – Single – DeeVybe, How I Feel (Part 2)

Another unsigned artist, DeeVybe is a young rapper who has some serious potential. I was right away attracted to the beat of this song, which also subs in as a hook. The rapper’s flow is solid for the most part (my only complaints are the pauses between lines a couple of times and a lack of energy).

How I Feel is a high-quality track by a man who’s talent in music has hardly been recognized. The song really picks up, and though it is short it features plenty of good bars from DeeVybe.

Overall, I would rate the song a 8.75/10. A lack of hook can be disappointing but this track pulls it off well with a fire beat and DeeVybe has some sick verses to drop. When some rap skills are sharpened (again, the awkward pause between lines and the “yeah”‘s can be a bit troubling), this dude could easily get signed and make a career out of music.

I really love the quality of the sound despite being unsigned, and I think it is worth a listen. Check out the track below:

-Austin Heath

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