Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo, Let Go

I have a whole list of songs worth recommending, and everyday this one is getting older. Let Go is a part of Ne-Yo’s My Own Words album, so the song is a bit old. However I find it to have a serious RnB/Soul sound that makes it a great song to any fan of that genre.

The harp instrumental in the song is marvelous and the beat is consistent throughout the track. Unfortunately the song does not pick up pace much, making it a bit difficult to listen to the end. The voice-over vocals can be a bit abrasive as well, evident especially in the bridge. Not really any other complaints other than those to be honest, as it is quite a good song.

Overall, I would rate it 9.25/10. Really recommend a listen to this song with few listens, trying to spread out my favorite Ne-Yo songs throughout the next few months is going to be hard. Enjoy below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Song ends around 4:30, so don’t bother waiting for anything after that. Not sure why the video goes on.

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