Music Recommendation – Single – Trey Songz, We Should Be

Remember when Trey Songz was considered a young R. Kelly? Well, this song showcases why. It is smooth and romantic with a flute instrumental. It is a classic RnB sound from a classic RnB album, Trey Day. This was Trey’s second album, but this song is usually overlooked. I know I did not discover it until just a couple of days ago.

I really enjoy this track, and what I love even more is that it is almost six minutes long. The harmonies are beautiful and this gem lasts longer than most tracks. The start is a bit disappointing, but it picks up quickly and becomes one of my favorites after about 45 seconds.

Overall, I would say this is about a 9.5/10. Seriously recommend a listen, it may seem hard to listen to the entire thing due to its daunting length but it is worth a hear. Go ahead and try it out:

-Austin Heath


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