Music Recommendation – Single – Rico Love, Go With The Flow

Rico Love gives us a Lyric Video for Go With The Flow, which is a typical Hip-Hop/RnB “Let’s go back to my place” song. It is actually a nice smooth song though.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Rico Love’s (explicit) rapping, but his vocals are worth it. At least his flow is solid.

Not really much to say about the song, kind of average but the hook is decent, but the bridge is non-existent. You can’t hate too much though, as this came from his free album I Sin. After writing some big hits in his days, Rico Love is trying to make his own name famous in the music industry.

Overall, I would have to give this one a 7.75/10. Hook is nice, rapping isn’t terrible but in the end if you feel the need to skip this song you will not be missing too much. I like it but definitely could use some improvements. Try it on for size below:

-Austin Heath


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