Music Recommendation – Single – Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar, Never Catch Me

Flying Lotus brings Kendrick Lamar with him to put his verses on new track Never Catch Me. This song came out almost a month ago but with the music video just being released and having few views I figured I should show everyone.

The beat goes on like crazy as Kendrick Lamar succeeds in attempting to keep up with it. Several instruments aid Flying Lotus’ sick beat, but it does overpower Lamar’s voice by a lot. Despite this though his bars are pretty clear, and Kendrick does a good job in rapping to a unique beat. Unfortunately it does not go very great with the hook, which I am not too fond of.

Kendrick Lamar returning to music in Never Catch Me is great news and he proves that his absence for a few months has not made him rusty. Flying Lotus also provides an incredible background that is purely original and never gets boring.

Overall, I would have to rate this song a 8.5/10. I stated my complaints above but the originality of the song and Kendrick’s incredible verses make the track worth a listen. Try it out below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Skip to 0:40 for the song. You’re welcome.

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