Music Recommendation – Single – B.o.B ft. Chris Brown, T.I., Arena

This is just one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head for months. I still listen to it here and there two years after first hearing it on Strange CloudsArena features a dream-worthy collaboration of B.o.B with T.I. and Chris Brown.

The hook is killer, B.o.B is consistent and solid for having over two minutes of rapping, T.I. absolutely murders his verse, and the beat/piano is just chill-bearing. This is one of those high-up songs in my favorites list, but I wanted to share this one early so people could get a good idea of how good of track this is.

This is a great motivational song. Overall, I have to give it a 9.75/10. B.o.B is good, but his rapping can get tedious towards the end. However the rest of the song is simply perfect and I am still in shock that Arena never caught on. Video below hasn’t even passed 1,000,000 views yet! Check it out below:

-Austin Heath


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