Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo, Lonely Again

Yes, I bring you more Ne-Yo. It’s no secret I am quite fond of quite a few of his songs. Lonely Again is no exception, always sounded like it should’ve been a hit to me. It is quite a catchy song and the lyrics stick. All around awesome song.

Ne-Yo sings about his dissatisfaction that some girl and him have been great friends/almost couple then she runs back to the old guy because he apologizes. He sings it in a more relatable method than many rappers and other artists portray the situation. While he feels wronged he simply says that she shouldn’t go back to him when she’s lonely again, it’s her decision to go back to something that will fail in the end. It’s mature and so far this is the only mature “friendzoned” song I’ve heard. Some may not see it that way but I find it much less bitter than many other men act in a similar situation. Passionate, yet constrained.

Now, for the song itself. Overall I give it a 9.75/10. Song sounds great, no complaints here. I can just see it not appealing to everyone, but that won’t affect the rating much. Absolutely excellent song, give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. enjoy this picture of Ne-Yo WITHOUT a fedora, made/spooked my day:


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