Music Recommendation – Single – Lorde, Yellow Flicker

17-year old star Lorde is back, this time adding her music to the soundtrack for the upcoming Hunger Games installment. The song has the usual Lorde-esque sound that many people loved in Royals and Team, and that I loved in Tennis Court.

Lorde uses similar techniques from older songs in Yellow Flicker but the reception is still pretty content. Despite being only just released today, the video on Lorde’s VEVO YouTube channel has over 100,000 views and plenty of thumbs up. I have to agree with the general consensus, though the first 50 seconds are not too pleasing. The song really takes shape on the first hook and it becomes a great track that I am sure will be a hit relatively soon.

If you haven’t heard it already, hear it here first below. My rating is 9/10, per my feedback above. If you don’t like Lorde’s other songs then chances are this won’t sway you either. However I find each song by her getting better and better. Give it a listen:

-Austin Heath


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