Music Recommendation – Single – Jeremih, Nobody But You

Jeremih follows up his hit Don’t Tell ‘Em with Nobody But You. First off, let me say I love the Motivation reference he makes, and I actually like a lot about this song. The hook is fire, but there are some parts I am not so fond of.

For me, the “You, yeah yeah yeah yeah” at the end of the hook bothers me. Parts of his first couple of verses just sound very off-key and do not flow with the beat well, which is unfortunate. However if you liked Don’t Tell ‘Em, you will most likely really appreciate this track as well. As for me, I was neutral on that one, and I feel the same about this track.

This one has plenty of plays despite just being released a couple of days ago, so it’s hard to say how successful it’ll be. However, there have been plenty of views suggesting that it has been given a chance with over 50,000 listens. My personal rating for it is 8/10 mostly due to my minor complaints, but I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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