Music Recommendation – Single – Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd, Love Me Harder

I’m not going to lie, I have a huge crush on Ariana Grande. Her music may not always be my thing, but she caught my heart a long time ago. Same goes for The Weeknd actually. ❤

That was very unprofessional but I will continue on. While I don’t believe this should be a viable collaboration, Love Me Harder actually features good vocals from both artists. The producers deserve a big thanks for the consistency in the beat they brought, which helps really define the song.

Unfortunately, the song makes Ariana Grande kind of sound like a b*tch. Obviously she did not write it but it just sounds like a spoiled girl in a relationship. I also agree with those who say that these two are in completely different wavelengths on the music they sing about. However the song itself is catchy and I try to look past that. The ending voice-overs on the hook are very good and the song is great from start to finish.

Overall I would rate that song at around 8/10. My complaints aside, it is still definitely worth a listen below:

-Austin Heath

EDIT: And here’s the live performance on SNL last night:

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