Music Recommendation – Single – Usher, Climax

Climax was a popular song a couple years ago, no doubt about it. I’m sure 90% of the readers of this article have heard it before. However this one is for that 10%, because this song is a rare piece.

Before I get into why this song is so important, I want to explain that this is not so much sexually-oriented like the title may suggest. Usher sings pure and passionately about how he and her just “gave up” on the relationship. The music video is very unimpressive for such a song as this, but that’s not too important. This song screams RnB/Soul and is one of Usher’s best.

Now, for the reason this post is so important. My rating for this song is 10/10. A perfect score, which I promise you is NOT easy at all. Part of the top-rated category, this song is, in my personal opinion, one of the greatest RnB songs of all time. This is all opinion but the song is quite amazing and I can’t find a flaw in it. Give it a listen below for old times’ sake or for the first time:

-Austin Heath


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