Music Recommendation – Single – The Weeknd, Adaptation

Haven’t posted much today, but this song will make up for it. I love The Weeknd, and you’ll learn that throughout this blog as time passes. However I find Adaptation a very under-appreciated track. Better put both earphones in for this one.

This song puts you in a zone, with the beginning and finale sampling a slowed down version of The Police’s Bring on the Night after providing some of Abel’s vocals The beauty of this song is the uniqueness of the sound and how different this is from his usual music. It feels as though this has much more meaning, and he brings it in with an incredible voice and perfect sampling for the particular subject.

Overall, I have to give this one a 9.75/10. Song is quite incredible, but something is lacking in the first stanza that, had it been more reeling, would have made this a perfect 10. I personally love this song, my favorite all-time Weeknd song. Definitely check it out below:

-Austin Heath


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