Music Recommendation – Single – Sebastian Mikael, Forever

Sebastian Mikael is starting to get some more attention of late, but I think this song is definitely worth showing off. I cannot see this not being worth a listen from anyone, RnB fan or not. I know my girlfriend, who hardly likes RnB, found this song quite appealing.

Sebastian Mikael sings Forever about a woman he wants to to stay with, well, forever. His pitch is genuine and varying, while he provides a beautiful hook with the perfect amount of editing. The voice-overs on the hooks seem a little much, but at some points it makes the song even more incredible.

Forever is just one of those songs that it would be hard not to like after the first listen, and if not a second try might be worth it. His humming at the end is a little disappointing, but the beat keeps the song alive and fades out solidly. Overall, I give this track a 9.5/10. Go ahead and give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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