Music Recommendation – Single – R. Kelly ft. Kelly Rowland, All The Way

All The Way, which has Kelly featuring Kelly, was unknown to me until I found it in a recent search on here. I had to give it a listen as I somehow missed that awesome combo in a song. And I did not regret listening to it!

Kelly starts the song strong with beautiful vocals, while R. Kelly waits more than a minute into the song until joining in. R. Kelly introduces a good hook and sings for a while in the duet. His voice definitely does not live up to the excellence that Rowland’s brings into the track. Still good, Kelly Rowland keeps the song at pace and helps make the duet great.

This song has some serious RnB sound, it’s almost a year old now though and I do feel bad for missing it. Overall I would rate it at around 8.75/10. Love her voice, R. Kelly just doesn’t provide what I expected though. Still worth listening to, one of my new favorite songs now. Give it a quick listen below:

-Austin Heath


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