Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo, Move Along

Tonight has been a lot of the same RnB stuff I like, but this one is very well worth it. The track is a little bit on the old side, but it’s still good listening. Between the piano and Ne-Yo’s excellent vocals, it’s hard to hear the consistent beat throughout the song, but it makes this song a perfect RnB hit that never was. Still surprised this song never caught on.

Move Along pays a bit of tribute to Beyonce’s Irreplacable. The hook features the phrase “To the left, to the left” each time and the subject of the song is Ne-Yo’s fed up-ness of a woman who continually wrongs him, much like Beyonce to her male counterpart. The song pays good homage to her track and stands out to make itself unique. His voice is great throughout the song and the beat does not overpower him.

Overall I give this one a 9.5/10, may not appeal to everyone but I can’t imagine anyone will find this one a waste of time. Go ahead and listen below:

-Austin Heath


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