Artist Recommendation – Bastille

Generally most people know who Bastille is. “He’s the guy that sings that song Pompeii right?” Well, yes, the BAND sings Pompeii which happens to be a good song. But you haven’t even scratched the surface of this group unless you’ve heard their other works.

Another one of their hits would be Flaws, my personal favorite of the band. Things We Lost In the Fire is another awesome track. Bad Blood is good as well, named after the album. Oblivion is slower but excellent. These are just a few of their songs, as well as the more popular ones. But every song sounds as it has the same amount of effort and passion put into writing and making it. Even their covers and remakes sound so incredibly original, as you can tell in these:

Bastille are a British rock/pop group from London, forming back in 2010. They were a breakthrough sensation last year but many of their songs are greatly underappreciated. Singer Dan Smith has a cast of Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris Wood performing with him in Bastille and together they first released their debut album Bad Blood, following it up with bonus tracks on All This Bad Blood. They recently released their first song for their next album, bad_news, and plan to keep the sound that go them famous in their upcoming music.

Overall I would rate Bastille as 9.5/10. Their songs are very different and unique and despite becoming popular of late, they are still highly underrated. My goal is to give everyone an appreciation for the less-popular songs that sometimes have much more character and meaning. Below I’m leaving my personal favorites, but you’re welcome to give All This Bad Blood a whole listen. Go ahead and listen here:

Also take a look at the absolutely breathtaking acoustic version of Flaws:

-Austin Heath


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