Music Recommendation – Single – Tinashe, 1 For Me

Tinashe is one of my favorite singers right now, she’s probably at the top of my celebrity crushes. Her voice is incredible, she’s very sweet, her dance skills are impeccable and she is absolutely gorgeous. One of my items on my bucket list is to meet her someday, sure would be incredible.

Of all the songs she has put out, 2 On is probably my last choice for a song to put her on the music scene. I enjoy the song, but some of her songs are just amazing. Very underrated artist.

My favorite Tinashe song is definitely 1 For Me, featured on her mixtape Black Water. You can find her songs from that tape on YouTube, under her real account “Tinashe”.  Her voice is so pure and un-edited, while the beat does not overpower her vocals but still keeps the song at a good pace. My hope is that Tinashe sticks to her roots and puts out more music like this in her career, which is only advancing.

My rating for this song is 9.75/10, it really is one of my favorites. It may seem high but it is truly a near-perfect song. Go ahead and give it a listen:

-Austin Heath


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