Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Ink ft. Usher, Tinashe, Body Language

Have you heard Kid Ink’s hit song Show You? How about Main Chick? Well then you’ve probably heard Body Language with Usher and Tinashe. No? That’s okay, you’re not missing much.

This time not produced by Mustard-on-the-beat, DJ Mustard stood back and gave the first song to Kid Ink’s sophomore album to Cashmere Cat and Stargate. Still sounds like Mustard though, a hip-hop beat that was made to be a club song. Kid Ink raps/sings/blabbers about the same stuff, he even recycles verses from past songs. Tinashe has virtually no presence in this song, save for some background vocals and saying “Can we talk about it, talk about it?” a couple of times.

This would be an easy song to bust on except it features Usher, who carries the song on his shoulders, and Tinashe in it. As recycled as the song is, they say “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The song works only because Usher has more vocals than Kid Ink, thank God. Tinashe and Usher sing very well together and make an incredible hook. Is this track just a repeat of Show You and Main Chick? Pretty much. But I never said they weren’t good.

Overall I’ll give Body Language a 8.25/10. Definitely one of my favorite Kid Ink songs, and I can’t help but really like this song. It’s catchy and definitely gives off good vibes when approaching or tackling a task. Not to mention it opened me up to giving much of Tinashe’s music a listen, which I do not regret.

However, if I were not to enjoy the song though I would probably rate it neutrally at around 6.5/10. I’ll stick with my 8.25 though. Give it a listen below and give me an objective rating/review in the comments:

-Austin Heath

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