Music Recommendation – Single – Chris Brown ft. Trey Songz, Songs On 12 Play

X dropped a couple of days ago and I’ve only actually heard a couple of its songs. However when I heard this one it really appealed to me. I have been a fan of Chris Brown’s music for years, even through its transition from RnB to an autotuned pop. However this song goes back to Chris’ RnB sound that we loved in parts of F.A.M.E.

Songs On 12 Play takes two of my favorite all-time artists and puts them in one song. I’ve dreamed of this collab (remixes don’t count for me, I’ve been hoping for an official song together). It does not disappoint, with the concept being dedicated to R. Kelly (who is featured in another one of X‘s tracks). The sound of both voices, while suggestive, isn’t as abrasive as Wet the Bed but still brings the same less-edited vocals of Chris Brown. Trey Songz uses his voice to his advantage as well, with production also putting forth a beautiful foundation for the song. The best part is that it screams RnB, and though the whole “Deep hip-hop voice” makes its infamous appearance, it does not steal much time from the incredible sound of both artists.

Overall, I give the song a 9.5/10. Really quite an excellent song, I wish there was just a little less edited Chris Brown voice, but still turns out to be an excellent work from Brown and Songz. Makes me hopeful for the rest of X, which I look forward to listening to and perhaps putting out a full review for later.

Now go ahead, give this one a listen. I highly doubt you’ll regret it:

-Austin Heath


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