Artist Recommendation – MNEK

MNEK is back, though don’t feel bad if you aren’t familiar with him. I had never heard of his music until just today, a day after only his fifth solo song was released since he began his music career, In the Clouds. His other four songs, If Truth Be Told, Every Little Word, Don’t Call This Love, and Wrote a Song About You were all released in 2014 except for the first, which came out way back in 2011. He has also written a multitude of songs for other artists.

We still don’t know when an album will drop but with these songs, but the wait should be worth it. The British singer got his big break when he was featured in Gorgon City’s Ready For Your Love, which reached #4 of UK’s Top 100 songs earlier this year.

MNEK brings a combination of RnB and EDM in his music, putting his songs in a very specific category. The clash works well though, especially in Every Little Word and Wrote a Song About You. His voice is very similar to that of Frank Ocean. You can call it more one genre than another, but I call it good listening. The sound catches on fast and makes fun dance RnB, which is a hard task to accomplish. Expect big things from this guy, though his voice is already being known from his popularity thanks to Gorgon City.

I give his sound overall an 8.75/10, Combination and work sounds good, he just needs a big solo track to burst onto the scene in both England and America. Give his stuff a listen below:

-Austin Heath


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