Welcome To AMP – An Introduction To My Blog

Welcome to my music blog! This is my first post on here so as I write this I feel compelled to say that I am very excited to start this project and hopefully help some people find good, enjoyable music from every genre. However in order to do so, you should be informed of my own personal music tastes.

*Disclaimer that whatever I post on here will not necessarily appeal to every reader/listener, but with that sad detail out of the way let me get myself introduced to the public and share my personal choice for good music.*

My name is Austin Heath, I am 17 years old and I have been avidly addicted to music since I was just a young child. I grew up listening to a lot of Motown, rock, and modern pop (up until around 2005 when my parents became less interested in music). My family has always given music a special place in their lives. As for me, my favorite genre or music is RnB and some Hip-Hop, but I listen to plenty of pop, EDM, and sometimes indie and country (No I’m not so ignorant I combine them, just saying sentence space). I also go back and listen to plenty of classics from the 1960’s onward often, more notably Motown and soft rock. My goal for this blog is to help anyone, no matter what music they love, find good ear-candy, which is difficult with so much out there already. I will narrow down the songs and albums that are worth listening to and the ones that may not be so appealing.

I will be posting my first music recommendation (don’t want to start too negative) tonight, but this first blog is simply to get acquainted with my readers. I warn you not to take me too seriously out there though. I want to us to all have fun with this!

I hope that everyone who visits this site enjoys it, comes back and tell some friends! I expect a slow start of course, but I have no problem with getting some extra site traffic early. Hopefully I aid people in my attempts to introduce excellent music and help up-and-coming artists here and there with a recommendation. So, go ahead and go through my blog and enjoy the good listening!

-Austin Heath

P.S. While I may be starting alone, I am not against considering anyone joining the Music Pick team!


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