Music Review – Album – Ne-Yo, 3 Simple Rules (EP)

I’ll be honest, Ne-Yo is one of my favorite artists. I started listening to him a little bit after Libra Scale was released and instantly loved his music, in particular one of my all-time favorite songs, One in a Million and Making a Movie. However, I want to focus on his most recent album (if this even counts as an album), 3 Simple Rules.

This EP focuses on, you guessed it, 3 simple rules, to focus on when in a relationship with a woman. With an album, I prefer to break it down by song, so I will do so here:

1. New Love – Really like this song due to the Motown sound of it. It sounds passionate, authentic and quite frankly, very good. Starting with any of the other two songs would have been a mistake as this reels you right in to listen to the rest. The background sound is catchy in itself and the lyrics are much like Ne-Yo’s other tracks. The climb is a little disappointing, which would be my biggest complaint for all three songs, being honest. This song is very catchy and similar to Ne-Yo’s popular hits over the years. 9/10

2. Bigger Than This – My favorite song of the three, this sounds the most like the real Ne-Yo. His voice is very smooth and the harmonies are superb. All he’s saying is that the stupid fight that they are having is not worth it compared to their relationship as a whole, which I seriously relate to. This track is very catchy and elegant, despite the less-than-impressive climb and ending. Still an excellent song, 9.25/10.

3. Gotchu Right – This song felt more like modern RnB than any of the three, though I can’t really explain why. Despite this, it is my least favorite track. This is due more to my appreciation for New Love and my love for Bigger Than This. This song is just a little too graphic and less subtle. Not much to say about this one except that it is a good song, just not as good as the other two and more focused on sex. 7.5/10

The Outro is short but good, nothing very noteworthy though. I’ll just skip that part. In the end, I give the album a 9.25/10. I still listen to it after first hearing it over 6 months ago, helped me a lot while I did small tasks and I still find the songs very catchy. Go ahead and give it a listen below, enjoy:

-Austin Heath


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