Music Review – Album – Kevin Ross, Dialogue in the Grey (EP)

Another RnB recommendation goes to Kevin Ross, an up and coming artist already working with well-known music talents including R. Kelly and Usher. Recently released EP Dialogue in the Grey showcases the singer’s talent and features Ne-Yo and TI. Ne-Yo even gave the EP a shoutout on his Facebook fanpage a couple of days ago. While short, the four-song album is worth breaking down by each song to understand it completely:

1. Don’t Say You Will ft. TI – Solid start, a whole lot of talking for the first minute but his voice is worth the wait. TI puts down a smooth verse, and transitions well from song to rap and back to song. If you could cut out the beginning talk introducing the song, it would be near perfect. Catchy beat as well, I say 8.5/10.

2. Overrated ft. Ne-Yo – Definitely the best song on the album, Kevin Ross explains the sucky parts of living single and why he wants love “over nights of being single.” Unable to cope, he sings passionately and firmly and gives the floor to Ne-Yo for stanza 2. This part, while good, sounds very Ne-Yo-y featuring the “uh huh” and talking about making a girl feel special. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for Ne-Yo’s music, then and now. Ends with a phone call record of some woman. However, besides this, awesome song with a good hook, 9.25/10

3. Money Over Love – The last two songs are solo-records, and this one gives us a good idea of his talent. We hear much less auto-tune, and the song is very smooth until a little after a minute in, where we get that deep rap voice going “Make that money.” I guess we’ll have to block that out. Feels like it ruins the song, the first minute is so incredible and if it just continued in the same direction then this song would be #1. The songs continues downwards and isn’t worth listening after the first minute and a half. Good start, but only gets 5.5/10 for lack of consistency.

4. Dream – Much better than the previous track, Dream provides the higher frequencies of Ross’ voice. The lyrics feel more authentic and the sound has a souly feel to it. Close behind Overrated for best song, but loses out due to the DJ’d “Dream, dream, d-d-dream” segment. Piano melody is calm and does not dominate his voice. Solid song, really showcases the best parts of his singing and music. Ending is a little disappointing but not a song-ruiner. Better to be put at the end than in the start of the song. 9/10.

So overall, Kevin Ross’ EP features catchy songs and impressive guests, but ultimately does not showcase the real skills of Ross’ voice as it should. The few new, unrecycled beats and love songs seem to be all the same thing. Worth a listen, may appeal to others but me, not so much. I do enjoy listening to a couple songs off of it though. Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Go ahead and listen below:

-Austin Heath

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